I am a British-born artist who has been living in New Zealand since the end of 1999.

Since graduating from a Contemporary Arts degree course in the late 90’s , I have been making creative work of all kinds, including installation, performance, video, photographs and interactive projects. I have exhibited artwork in places as far afield as the UK, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and Greece.

In 2013 and 2014 year I participated in the 100 Days Project, drawing and posting to the website each day for 100 days.

Over the past decade, I have also been working in freelance graphic design, web design and writing for education. As well as commercial design projects, I have also worked as a technical collaborator with artists including Miranda Brown and Chiara Corbeletto.

In web design I work at the front end – sometimes I do the visual design and sometimes I work with other designers and user experience people; I write HTML and CSS markup and am really keen on web standards, efficient code and good usability. I now usually work with WordPress as a CMS to create sites the owners can keep up to date.

I have also worked extensively in the tertiary education sector in the art and design field, through teaching, course design, and curriculum writing. I am currently working for Bring Your Own Laptop, teaching their web bootcamp courses in Auckland and Wellington.

I’m pretty passionate about all creative areas; in my spare time I play with AKSamba – a massed percussion band, and was formerly one of 5 percussionists with Batucada Sound Machine. I also form one part of a 5-part acappella group called Treblemakers. We arrange and sing popular songs, from indie Radiohead to blatantly commercial Beyoncé and everything in between. Sometimes we play ukulele too. I have also been known to play French Horn with Brassouls and Labrophonic (both Kingsley Melhuish creations).

I performed in the last two Wet Hot Beauties water ballet show on Auckland beaches. I loved being amongst 50 other people of all shapes and sizes all dressed in swimming togs.

I ride my bike for transport whenever possible. I am an active member of Bike Te Atatu and Bike Auckland, and I regularly enjoy #friding, #quaxing, #hosking and #wenting. I’m helping coordinate suburban Bike ‘Burbs groups around Auckland.

My brain copes well with languages, it seems. Years of learning French at school left me with a deeply ingrained understanding of the language which manifests as ‘managing to communicate quite well’ when the need arises. I learned Spanish as an adult and spent a few extended periods of time in Spain, which has left me with pretty good comprehension. I also studied Te Reo Māori for two years at Te Wānanga O Aotearoa. Their teaching method was accelerated learning, which was amazing for making the words and concepts get in and stay there. Though it has been a while since I finished the course, I still feel as though I could give a pretty reasonable mihi.